Turn your pumpkin into a beer keg

I came across this video from Mashable that shows you how you can turn a pumpkin into a beer keg. This is a great party device for Halloween or Oktoberfest.

The tools necessary for this are a pumpkin carving kit, a spigot and your favorite beer.

Just like when you carve a pumpkin, you carve outline to remove the top and clean out the insides. You can leave in a little bit because it will drain.

Carve a hole into the pumpkin for your spigot. Try to make the hole smaller so the spigot fits in their nice and tight. Once you do that, pour in your beer. It should take about 6-12 beers. Although you can use any pumpkin ale or Oktoberfest brew, it’s really up to you which beer you want to use.

After you’ve got your beer in there, you may want to put the pumpkin in a beer bucket or something to lift if off of the counter surface.

When you’re done, enjoy. Let me know how this worked for you in the comment section.


About Al Stover

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I currently work as a Staff Reporter for the Cheney Free Press. I have interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and dungeon masters. I like Batman, coffee, MMA and beer.

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