Beer of the Forgotten Realms part 1

When I was younger I spent many hours playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends and coworkers.

My favorite adventures involved my best friend Tom and I – through the actions of our characters Roland and Val – coming back from a grand adventure and celebrating with our small army, which we achieved with our characters having the Leadership trait and our sidekicks also having the Leadership trait.

I have also had many characters of different races and classes, from games I have played, as well as  enjoy select brews in their travels.

Spruce Beer

Spruce beer was an alcoholic beverage made from the spruce tree. Orlenstar Thirlthorn, a druid of Silvanus and caretaker of the God’s Grove shrine in Wheloon, Cormyr, brewed his own spruce beer by 1358 DR. This was one of a number of factors that made the grove a popular spot for locals.

This beer was mostly enjoyed by Sawyer, a Divine Disciple of Mielikki who was also the godson of the Queen Dowager, when he would visit God’s Grove. Being a druid and having spells that slowed poison, he was able to enjoy several steins of Spruce Beer in one sitting. He would also give a plate to his wolverine Erilett.


Dwarven Ale

The trait of Dwarf Ale that most drinkers appreciate is the high alcohol content which soon renders the taste tolerable.

Genny, who was a companion to my character to Sawyer, tended to take dwarven ale on her travels when she was ready to fight a battle. During her relaxing time, she would indulge in beer with higher alcohol content.

Bitter Black

This hearty stout from Arabel is one of that city’s major exports, and deservedly so. Best served at cellar temperature (Arabellans sniff at any other way of serving this drink), the stout is heavy and is jet black with a dark brown head of foam.

This was a favorite of both Val and Roland during their younger days in Cormyr. After a few pints of Bitter Black, the young men would go around town and challenge Purple Dragon Knights to what was supposed to be an arm wrestling contest that turned into a fight. Roland brought the recipe with him when he opened the Lady Lord Inn at Waterdeep.


Obsidian Portal

Spurce Beer


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