Ale Stover’s Spooky Brew Spotlight: Stone’s Public House

Photo via Stones’ Public House website


Note: Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and with October coming around, I thought I would create posts relating to breweries and bars that are supposedly haunted.

Stone Public House

Nestled in Ashland, Mass., Stone’s Public House was built in 1832 by Captain John Stone. Over the years this place has been home to several ghosts, including Stone, a salesman who was accidently killed by stone and a little girl who had died in the late 1800s.

In addition to being a restaurant, the house was once a stop on the Underground Railroad.

The staff has reportedly smelled pipe smoke. Patrons, as well as staff, have claimed to see apparitions and feel cold spots. Some people have reported to have been touched or pushed.

According to Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, composed and edited by Jeff Belanger’s, there is also a photograph behind the bar where the image of a man with a black mustache, dressed in old fashioned clothes, can be seen within one of the vertical wooden beams.

According to the Stone’s Public House website, hypnotist Ralph Bibbo uncovered the story of Stone accidentally killed a New York Boarder, who Stone accused of cheating in a card game. During one of the Bibbo’s sessions, Stone’s spirit entered a member of Bibbo’s team and told everyone to get off of the premises.

Stone’s Public House remains open to this day. Customers will not only find good food and spirits, but also great customer service.

Encyclopedia of Haunted Places by Jeff Belanger

Stone’s Public House website

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