Last rounds in Spokane


Note: Names in this reflection have been slightly altered, due to protection … but mostly due to comedic reasons


I finally made it to Wolf Point, MT. I spent my first day as an editor at the Herald-News. I am ready to delve into new experiences, which means delving into new brews.

But before I regale any tales about the beer I come across in Wolf Point – and since my apartment is above a brewery, there will be plenty of stories – I want to reflect on the last time I shared a night with my friends in Spokane.

After a somewhat entertaining July 4 – mostly due to the delicious pink drink made by R.C. and my attempts of teaching Manda Lynn the Zenn of Words With Friends – the next night ended up being my going away party. The guests included Bri, Corman, Sweet Beej., Manda Lynn, R.C., Sammy and Nate Dawg.

We went to the Revolver on the North Side where Kokanee happened to be on special for $2, while well drinks were also cheap. However it was not the pricing of the beer or the drinks themselves that made the night great.

During the night, Bri came up with a rule that everyone had to share what he called “Al Pal” stories. Some of these stories, like Corman recalling me being up for anything , Bri’s tale of our dash to the dueling piano bar, or how he and Manda Lynn recalled how I like to “make it rain” were memories that I raised my glass to. Other memories, like Nate Dawg recalling how I was speaking on tongues while ordering food, is something I would like to forget, yet it brought a smile to my face.

And then came the flood of memories of sharing rounds with my friends over the years. All of the laughs, the walks and the time spent watching over each other to make sure we didn’t die. All of the rounds of Super Smash Brothers, games of pool and Garland nights. All of the birthdays, wedding receptions and spontaneous “Hey let’s go to the pub for a drink” nights.

After hearing these stories, I realized the impact I had made on my friends’ lives and how much they cared for me. I then thought of the rest of my fellow drinking buddies who I would be leaving behind. I even texted someone I had spent a few nights with, something that got me scolded – FOR GOOD REASON – and thought of what the future would hold.

Yet life is sometimes like finishing a beer: once we finish a glass, we have to start a new one. After hugging Sammy and Nate Dawg goodbye, we went home and enjoyed more drinks. Manda Lynn made this one coffee drink that left a sweet taste in my mouth the next morning.

Besides the drinking, we also ended up dancing, which helped get a little bit of alcohol out of our system. Sweet Beej ended up doing his infamous “Stanky Leg.” Even Manda Lynn was getting down, which was a little bit of a shock to R.C. and myself.

Nevertheless it was an amazing night with an amazing group of friends, who I will never forget.

Sweet Beej, R.C., Corman and Bri all made a pact that they would come out and visit me in Montana. Although there would be nothing more that would bring me joy, I just hope the town is ready for all of us at once.




About Al Stover

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I currently work as a Staff Reporter for the Cheney Free Press. I have interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and dungeon masters. I like Batman, coffee, MMA and beer.

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