Al Rescues the Warchief with swords and Miller Lite

I will go on record right now and admit that I played the online video game “World of Warcraft.”

It was after high school and some of my friends, as well as my mother, had gotten into the game. I wasn’t much better than the average player, mostly because I could spend three to four hours sitting in a chair before the urge to outside and do something settled in. There was only one character I ever really played and that was my draenei hunter, who had a pet wolf and loved to wield twin swords.

My favorite aspect of the game was that I got to interact with characters from the Warcraft Universe. One of my favorite quests involved going back in time and rescuing Thrall the Warchief before he had escaped the Alliance prisons.

The first attempt at the rescue resulted me leaving before the quest was finished because my four-hour sitting time had hit the limit and my stomach was begging me to get off of my rear and get some food.

My second attempt was more successful, though it slightly less planned. I had been on a weekend trip to Kennewick for my friend B.J.’s birthday. It was my first encounter with characters like Dave and Thirsty Pete. One thing I learned is that a lot of these guys were Warcraft players and had high-level characters. Although my hunter was not in the level of epicness as their characters, they treated me with respect, asked questions about my deanei and shared with me some of their favorite adventures.

During the second night of the trip, I was sitting in the living room when a group of them decided to head to a club, leaving myself, Bri, Dougie and a batch of cranberry juice mixed with some Potter’s vodka. As Bri played his warlock, I used Pete’s laptop to jump on and look at my character. As I finished the concoction Bri had cooked up, I opened a bottle of Miller Lite and went to the Caverns of Time.

After three drinks, I had found a group to go rescue Thrall. Our party was well-rounded and most of us were experienced enough to get through a raid, though I refrained from gloating to my party about playing while drinking. Although I’m sure admitting to them that I had an open beer next to me would have gotten a laugh or two, it also may have gotten me kicked out of the group by the more serious players.

If my party would have had a problem with me drinking while WOW-ing, I could imagine the reaction of the NPCS.

I’m sure Thrall would have felt very safe knowing that his party was being led by an intoxicated hunter until this particular hunter accidentally set off the snake trap while trying to unsheathe his swords which would result in the group and the trash mobs running in fear at the snakes flying from the hunter’s backpack.

After nearly getting shot by the hunter’s poisonous crossbow bolt and being mistaken for a dwarf by the hunter, Thrall went back to his cell and waited for some elves to rescue him.

Thankfully the rescue mission went off without a hitch. Thrall was saved. The party defeated the boss at the end. My beer was finished.

Needless to say I do not recommend drinking while playing online games that require you working in a group. However I do encourage drinking while playing console games.


About Al Stover

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I currently work as a Staff Reporter for the Cheney Free Press. I have interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and dungeon masters. I like Batman, coffee, MMA and beer.

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  1. I will admit that I will have a drink now and again when I was raiding – it seemed to ease the pain somewhat when those raids weren’t exactly going as “epic” as they were planned. I play a hunter as well and have been known to feign death or stand in poo at the wrong times while under the influence. Nope, not a good plan to be intoxicated while playing but I see no harm in getting a little “buzz” going once in a while.

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