Let’s go to the Wave

I had just graduated EWU with my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism. So what better way to celebrate my accomplishment than by watching UFC 161 where legends Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans squared off in the main event.

After the Tailgaiter was full I decided to go to the Wave Island Sports Grill and Bar in Downtown Spokane. Unlike places like The Tailgaiter and The Revolver, The Wave appears more suited for a nightclub, which could throw off the casual UFC fan.

Even as I was seated at the bar and wolfing down my Kahuna Burger, I felt a little alone due to the lack of UFC fans. Next to me was a bartender, who worked at the Davenport Hotel and resembled Barry Bostwick, sharing dinner and drinks with a woman, who resembled Sarah Silverman, wearing a red dress and talking about “if she had a man in her life…” As the bartender was sipping his purple drink, the woman seemed to chide him about not eating his sushi. The bartender would later plop some wasabi onto his fish and quickly gobble them.

Although I was amused at the couple, I a little lonely. Part of me missed the athletics guys who debated on whether or not Anderson Silva could take Jon Jones. Part of me missed the waitresses who took time out of their shift to watch the fights. Part of me missed the casual conversations I would have with people. I had sat next to couples during UFC fights and have found myself in the middle of conversations with the man and the woman.

After I was finished with the Kahuna burger, I asked the bartender – not Barry, but the short-haired man who was pouring the drinks – about watching the pay per view. After paying a $5 cover and waiting a minute, he whisked me away to the Wave’s Black Room and gave me the last available seat.

Here is where I found the groups of fans who were wowed by Shawn Jordan’s 59-second TKO victory over Pat Barry. Still, the Wave seems to bring a different kind of fight fan.

At the Tailgater there was a guy who had spent years in the military while another broke down his Muay Thai experience. At the Wave the “experienced fighters” mostly talked about the scuffles they were in with other guys. One guy, who also said he didn’t understand Brazilian jiu-jitsu, reflected on how he was trying to impress his girl as he was rocked by a punch. Fortunately he was able to take the other guy out, which I’m guessing impressed his lady.

For what it’s worth, The Wave has a calming atmosphere with good and a great drink selection and it’s not like I won’t ever not watch UFC there again. Maybe next time I will bring some friends or take the time to get to know some of these regulars at The Wave.

Brief beer report – Sapporo from Japan

As I was eating my Kahuna burger, I indulged in some Sapporo premium beer, which I had back in Chicago. It’s a light-colored beer with a crisp taste to it, but goes down smooth. For anyone who likes premium beer, but also like to down one beer after another, this is a good choice.


About Al Stover

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I currently work as a Staff Reporter for the Cheney Free Press. I have interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and dungeon masters. I like Batman, coffee, MMA and beer.

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