Where’s Thirsty Pete?


My friend Brandon, who will be graduating EWU in a week, began his bachelor party at the Italian restaurant on Main Street.

Hill eats his linguine smothered in Alfredo sauce, chicken and mushrooms while his friends get their food. Our friend B.J., who Brandon has known since high school, smiles and says “so do you think we’ll see Thirsty Pete come out tonight.”

Hill took a swig of his water and smiled back at Bell.

“We’ll see,” Hill said. “Kaitlin told me when Pete comes out, I need to give her a call.”

Thirsty Pete is the persona Hill takes on when he goes out and drinks with his friends. He is a rambunctious, though thoughtful, ball of energy, similar to a German Shepard after it accidently drinks its owner’s coffee. Pete has never gotten into any kind of bar fights, but there have been pieces of lawn furniture that would turn up missing or destroyed after Pete walked down their street.

I have only met Pete on a few occasions. The first time was when I had taken a trip to Kennewick, Wash. with some friends and after drinking six beers. It looked like Brandon was smoking a cigar in the hot tub when B.J. corrected me and said “Hey Thirsty Pete.”

After Brandon, B.J. and the rest of us finished our, we were picked up by a bus and taken to Northern Quest Casino where we went into Legends of Fire, located on the upper levels of the casino.

Legends of Fire is a small cigar bar where anyone who likes to smoke cigars with their drinks.  enjoy one without having to go outside. This is due to the ventilation system in the ceiling, which captures the smoke coming from the cigars.

As the eight of us sipped on drinks and puffed on cigars, Brandon looked at B.J.

“I can feel him coming,” Brandon said. “Not too much time.”

B.J. gave a smile and suggested they order Irish Car Bombs.

Although Brandon had been smoking and drinking, there was almost no sign  that Pete was going to break through. If he was having his bachelor party four years ago, Pete would have finished that first cigar and went back for a second.

One of the guys ordered Brandon a shot of Goldslagger.

There was still no sign of Pete.

Once we were finished with our cigars, went down to the casino and played the Blackjack tables where we were joined by our friend Brian. Most of us had lost money on tables while B.J. racked up $100.

There was still no sign of Pete.

We left the casino and went to Hugo’s for some midnight bowling. After drinking an Irish Car Bomb and two pints of Koko Brown, Brandon bowled two strikes.

There was still no sign of Pete.

Once we were finished with bowling, we all gave our congratulations to Brandon and went home, wondering what had happened to Thirsty Pete.

The lack of an appearance of Thirsty Pete could be because Brandon’s alcohol tolerance has increased over the years. It could be because he wanted to have a great time but still remember it. It could also be that at the place in his life where he doesn’t need to go crazy when he drinks. I like to think it is a combination of all three.

Many people reach a stage in their lives where having one beer a night is just as refreshing as having six in the course of two hours.


About Al Stover

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I currently work as a Staff Reporter for the Cheney Free Press. I have interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and dungeon masters. I like Batman, coffee, MMA and beer.

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