Spo-Can festival centers on canned craft beer

As the waitress in her strapless black dress took a customer’s money, a girl in a jean jacket passed by the fence and said “look at your cans.”

The “cans” the girl was referring to, were the 40 cans of beer that were lined across the table in front of the waitress.

As the people of Brownes Addition enjoyed Artfest, several beer lovers went over to the outside patio of the Elk Public House, to partake in the first Spo-Can festival, June 2-3.

The festival featured over 40 different craft beers that were brewed by breweries in the Northwest like New Belgium, Big Sky Brewing Company and Anderson Valley Brewing Company while some of the beers had names like Trout Slayer, Bikini Blonde and Strongbow.

According to beernexus.com, some of the benefits of having beers in cans include keeping the beer fresher and protecting the beer against sunlight.

Throughout the day, several customers came through and tried different beers in what was a casual atmosphere. Two women tried the Freemont Summer Ale, which is brewed in Seattle, while their gentlemen friend drank the Elysian Fields Pale Ale, which is also made in Seattle. A woman in a red top and black hat tells her friend to keep his voice down.

Near the gate, a former professional boxer, known by his nickname “The Pitbull” spoke with the waitresses. Holding a Rise Up Red in one hand, he proceeded to quiz the bouncers about what country consumes the most beer per capita. Two tables away, a man wearing an EWU sweatshirt, who owns a food truck, reminiscences about the Eagles’ rivalry with Montana State University.  

Although they regularly conversed with the staff, the waitresses were helpful to customers. When woman came to the table and said she did not know what beer to get for her husband, the waitress asked “what kind of beer does he like?” They also allowed customers to order from inside of the bar.

Beers I tried at Spo-Can

Anderson Valley Brewing Company Boont Amber Ale
A clear amber ale with good lacing. The taste is smooth and sweet with a hint of raspberry with a subtle bit at the end.

Hopworks Urban Brewery Rise Up Red
A clear amber color with a smell that is a combination of carmel, fruit and hops. It has a slight bite as it hits the tongue.

Oskar Blues Grill and Brew Deviant Dale’s IPA
This has a smooth,almost fruity taste to it with a little bit of a bite on the tongue as it slides down the throat. This is a kind of beer drinkers may want to sit back and enjoy. 


About Al Stover

I graduated from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. I currently work as a Staff Reporter for the Cheney Free Press. I have interviewed characters like cage fighters, drag queens and dungeon masters. I like Batman, coffee, MMA and beer.

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