Who puts beer and ice cream together?

There is a saying that we should be open to trying new things and that is no different when it comes to adding things to beer. I had returned home when Brian’s party for his office had just finished. According to Brian, it had been catered by Ninkasi Brewery in Oregon.

After  I finished a couple of half-full pale ales left behind by some of the guests , I noticed some of the glasses were half full with dark beer and what appeared to be dark brown foam sitting at the top of the glass.

I told Brian  I was having no part of the foamy dark beer, until he lifted his finger and said that I would “enjoy it if it was cold.”

This was my introduction to a beer float. Like root beer floats, this concoction only consisted of beer and ice cream.

I had seen beer floats before, but I had steered clear of ever adding beer and ice cream for fear of how my insides would react. Even as Brian began pouring the oatmeal stout into the glass after dropping the chunks of French Vanilla ice cream, I had some reservations of tasting this desert.

After I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I grabbed the glass and gulped the first drink. I grinned as the milky combination of beer and ice cream slid down my throat.

Once I had finished my glass, I had wondered why I had never tried this magnificent creation. I could hear a chorus of angels singing, although it may have just been my other roommate Adam, who had just finished his own beer float.

For anyone who likes dark beer, adding ice cream will not only add a smooth texture to the taste, but also keep the drink cold. Combining the ice cream with something like a stout can add a nutty taste to the beverage.

Now that had conquered the fear of adding ice cream to my beer, my only concern – which was shared by Adam – was that I’ll never be able to drink beer without ice cream again.
If you are not into ice cream, here are some links to websites that feature different types of beer desserts.

The Beeroness

Mercury news article “Sweet & Stout: Beer-infused cupcakes and desserts”

Pinterest board with beer dessert recipes


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