Cheney Pub Crawl

Whether it is an Eastern student going out for his 21st birthday, or someone visiting Cheney for the first time, picking a bar to drink at can be a challenge if someone is unfamiliar with the town. However there are four bars in downtown Cheney that has something for everyone.

Photo by Evan Sykes

Photo by Evan Sykes

Name: Eagle’s Pub
Address: 414 First St.
Price Range: $3 to $9
Best Beer: No-Li SIlent Treatment Pale Ale

Located on First Street, Eagle’s Pub has been a staple in the Cheney community since the 1970s. As customers walk in for the first time, they will quickly spot the regulars chatting at the bar as the bartender rushes to fill drink orders.

The clientele ranges from younger colleges students who are drinking for the first time, to older folks who come in every day to get their beer. Minors are also allowed in the pub until 9 p.m.

The pub has an extensive collection of hard alcohol that sits on a wooden shelf behind the bar. Customers who fancy themselves beer connoisseurs might want to try some some of the brew from Northern Lights Brewery in Spokane. Drinkers who feel like taking a risk could try the pub’s Eagle’s Brew. The pub has specials every day such as Mystery Beer for $6 a pitcher. The only thing mysterious about the Mystery Pitcher, is that the pub rotates a set of domestic beers every week and customers can guess which beer is in the pitcher.

Like most bars, the pub serves greasy food that would almost put McDonalds to shame. The burgers and fries may come out a little burned on the outside when they are served, but the broasted chicken and jojo’s go great with a pitcher of Rolling Rock or Coors Light.

The walls are decorated with neon beer signs and posters of the local sports teams. Dangling from the green ceiling are old gift cards and coasters from Northern Lights brewery. If customers go to the restrooms they will be greeted by life-size posters of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

If customers are traveling in a large group then Eagle’s Pub has a large spacing area to accommodate them. In addition to the bar and dining area there is a dancing area where there are two poles. There is also a gaming area on the right side of the bar with three pool tables and an area to throw darts.

The pub is also the only place in Cheney that has karaoke. For new  customers who do not mind their favorite tunes sang – horribly or beautifully – by amateurs, this is a good way to get to know some of the locals in Cheney.  The pub also has trivia on Tuesday and Friday nights hosted by Ryan Jensen.

What to watch out for:

Waitresses and bartenders are quick to greet and grab a drink for customers, though the waiting time for a drink might take between five to 15 minutes during the busier moments, which could irritate customers who want their food “Now!” One way a customer can remedy this, is to be at the bar or sit at an area where the bartenders can see easily them.

Dylan Paulus/The Easterner

Dylan Paulus/The Easterner

Name: Goofy’s
Address: 407 First St.
Price Range: $4.75 to $11
Best Beer: Mack and Jack’s

Goofy’s is a smaller and quieter bar located next to Wild Bill’s.It has two shelves filled with a variety of liquor. In addition to the mixed drinks, like a Jack and Coke or a Long Island Iced Tea, some bartenders will also make a surprise drink at the customer’s request.

For those who would rather drink beer, Goofy’s has the typical domestic brews on tap, like Coors Light and Bud Light, as well as craft beers, like Black Butte Porter and Mac & Jack’s African Amber ale. Domestic beer costs $3.75 a pint while micro brews are $4.75 a pint.

While customers have a wide selection of alcohol, Goofy’s does not have a wide range of food options. Choices are limited to popcorn, sandwiches, pizza and nachos.

The decor of the place will catch patrons’ eyes. The walls in the billiards area are covered in vintage music and movie posters. Above the bar are decorations, like a large Pez dispenser of the Disney character Goofy that sits above a sign that reads, “There will be a $5 charge for whining.” There is also a mirror on the wall that spans from the lounging area to the back of the billiards area.

Customers may feel space is limited as the lounging space across from the bar area only has five two-person tables and two booths. If a group of 20 or more friends want to find a bar to have their bachelor party or celebrate the Eagles latest victory, they might want to go to a bigger place.

Although the small space in Goofy’s may not be able to handle the crowds who show up and want to jump on the dance floor after two or three drinks, it is a great place to watch sports on TV or relax with friends. It also allows bartenders to be more personable with customers who enter the bar. Although the clientele of Goofy’s ranges from college students to older folks, there is no fighting or rowdy behavior from customers.

Past the bar there is an open space that has two billiard tables, three arcade games and “The Simpsons” Pinball Party next to the juke box. There is also an isolated area past the bathrooms where patrons have some privacy and play billiards. However, this area is not in good view of the bar and bartenders may not be able to see if a customer is finished with their beer.

What to watch out for:


For customers who are strapped for cash, Goofy’s has daily specials Monday through Saturday on mixed drinks as well as a daily special of tequila shots and Fireball for $3.50. Power Hour is from 3 to 4 p.m., which has domestic pitchers for $4.50, while Happy Hour happens from 3 to 6 p.m.


Name: Wild Bill’s Longbar
Address: 405 First St.
Price Range: $2 to $11
Best Beer: Alaskan Amber Ale

When customers who first step into Wild Bill’s Longbar, they might wonder if they had stepped into a salon from the Old West.

As they approach the bar, patrons could get lost in the various decorations throughout the bar, including the moose head mounted above the couch, next to the door and the 1920s-esque pictures of scantily clad women, scattered across the walls.

Like most bars Bill’s has its alcohol prominently displayed on the shelves. Although the selection of beers on tap is smaller than places like Goofy’s or Eagle’s Pub, Bill’s does have an assortment of microbrews like Alaskan Amber Ale and Dead Guy Ale from Oregon.

The specials for mixed drinks are the same as the other bars. For patrons who are celebrating a birthday, Bill’s has a large wheel on the left side of the bar.  With the rest of the bar watching them, the birthday boy/girl can give the wheel a hard twirl and end up with adding their celebration with a free drink.

If customers feel crowded in the front of the bar, they can go back to shoot some pool or sit on the three couches nestled in the corner. Guys or gals, who are looking to impress their friends or strangers they just met, can take a shot at the bar’s punching machine. After feeding the machine $1 in quarters, a punching bag drops in front of the lucky contestant, who will then slam their fist as hard as they can into the bag and get an “accurate” reading of their punching power.

Customers who are looking for food to go along with their beer might want to avoid eat a meal beforehand, as the only food available in the bar is the popcorn that is microwaved by the bartenders, who are friendly to patrons.

Although the local customers at Bill’s can get a little loud, they are jolly and friendly towards anyone they come in contact with.

What to watch out for:

Another similarity between Bill’s and Goofy’s are the prices on mixed drinks and beer. If customers do not keep track of how many drinks they buy, they could end up spending up to $50 in one evening.

Photo from The Basement's Facebook page.

Photo from The Basement’s Facebook page.

Name: The Basement
Address: 315 W. First St.
Price Range: $4 to $15
Best Beer: Batch 19

After stepping through the door at 315 First St., customers will descend down a narrow flight of stairs and enter The Basement. To the right are two pool tables, several small stools and a projector screen. If customers would rather relax on more comfortable furniture, they could go stretch out on the couches in the middle of the lobby.

On the opposite side of the bar is a stage that is covered by a blue light, with a pink octopus painted on the walls. Like Eagle’s Pub, there are two poles where customers, who are feeling brave, can showcase their dance moves for a couple of before the bartenders stop them.

The Basement has an extensive hard alcohol selection as well as several beers on tap. One beer that is popular is the Batch 19, a pre-prohibition style lager that comes in a 27-ounce “Man Mug.”

Most of the clientele are college-aged students who come to shoot pool, play beer pong or chat with friends which may make feel older customers feel uncomfortable if they prefer to drink with quieter folks.

Every Thursday night The Basement has Thirsty Trivia where customers can win gift certificates, t-shirts and beer pong cups . Drink specials include: Batch 19 “Man Mugs” for $5 and Coors Light pitchers for $7.

In addition to hosting trivia on Thursday nights, The Basement also has specials throughout the week including 50 cent Jumbo Eagle Wings and free pool on Wednesday night, and $5 pitchers of Coors Light and Rolling Rock on Sunday night.

One drawback of The Basement is their hours of operations. The bar is only open Wednesday to Sunday, from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Customers who are looking to start drinking early may want to have a couple of cheap drinks at a nearby bar while waiting for The Basement to open.

What to watch out for:

If customers are not careful, they could fall down the stairs and onto the concrete floor. Patrons who are leaving The Basement after a few rounds of drinking, should keep their eyes open while walking up the stairs.


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